Enhanced Internal Medicine with Commitment, Compassion and Care.

Bart Price, MD

Petra Travnicek, MD, FACP

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Our Concierge program is designed for patients to receive enhanced medical attention for acute and chronic illnesses, along with providing a greater focus on wellness and prevention.

Having around the clock assistance with your healthcare becomes more important with age. Having a doctor you can count on, to be there when you need them, is crucial.

“We know we can always count on your sound, calming advice and being there every step of the way” - Linda

“I have a Great Doctor! She is very concerned, helpful and cheerful!” - Michelle

“Dr. Price is an excellent Doctor, always caring and attentive” - John

“I have never had this great level of care from the medical industry. A+” - Darhl

“I find his program excellent! The care & patient interest is superb!” - Sandi

“I feel very confident that I am getting the Best possible attention and Medical care” - Robert